The Beauty Cathedral Of Notre Dame That Has

Many History


The notre dame cathedral is a starting point when you pay a visit to Paris. The building is located between the two sides of the river, was built during the middle Ages. Its construction started in 1163 and completed in 1334. Alloy voice was inaugurated in 1182. Notre dame cathedral is the designation of Mary in French. Notre dame cathedral is a Roman Catholic cathedral located in the eastern part of an island called Ile de la Cité located in the heart of the French capital, located in the middle of the Seine River. Thousands of years ago, the island was inhabited by tribes of Gaul in Parisii were later used as the residence for the kings of France and also used as an administrative and religious center in France. Many national and international scale events held in this Notre dame cathedral it as one of the religious tourist spot visited by thousands of tourists every year. South side of the tower of notre dame cathedral has a very famous big bell named Emmanuel was overhauled in 1961. The bell diameter of 3.5 meters and a height of 5 meters will be tolled once every hour which will be followed by the clang of bells others.

Emmanuel bell is able to penetrate a distance of 10 km. You can visit the Gothic cathedral at 6 Paris Notre-Dame, Place Jean Paul II Paris. The notre dame cathedral is open all year round and frees entry. On weekdays Notre Dame Cathedral opened at 08:00 until 18:45 and a special Saturday and Sunday opened up at 19:15 at night. The completion of the construction of this notre dame cathedral takes decades because most of the design is deliberately enlarged to eventually produce a magnificent building with a length of 480 meters are equipped with two 63-meter high tower. North tower has eight bells and completed in 1940, while the south side of the tower was completed in 1950 and has two bell chimes. Because that the glory of this monumental notre dame cathedral can accommodate around 6000 worshipers at a time.

Li River The Magnificent View Of Great River At

Guilin That You Can Explore


Guilin, China, has a stretch of karst hills in the world. From the past until now, much of the literature of ancient and modern China literature inspired from the beauty of this karst hills. One of his famous poems is a poem by Han Yu, a poet in the era of the Tang Dynasty, which reads, "The river winds like a blue silk ribbon" In addition to the hill-Bukir karst, the li river(Li Jiang) is the lifeblood of Guilin. Start from agriculture to tourism aspect, highly dependent to the li river upstream along the 437 Km which is located on Cat Mountain in Xing's up to Guangzhuo.

To explore the li river there are a lot of ways. When in the city of Guilin, we can climb a bamboo raft or take boat tours "two rivers and four lakes" (2 rivers and four lakes cruise), so if you want to see the paintings of nature as described by Han Yu in his poetry, we must follow tour through a travel agent.

You Want To Take A Historical Trip? Then Try To

Visit Royal Ontario Museum


The Royal Ontario Museum of Canada is a museum located at 100 Queen's Park Crescent, Toronto, Ontario, Canada. In French, the museum called the Musee royal de l'Ontario. This museum is a museum of art, culture and history, which is one of the largest museums in North America and is able to attract visitors to more than 1 million visitors annually. The Royal Ontario Museum Canada was built on April 16 of 1912 and was officially opened on March 19, 1914 by the Duke of Connaught and Governor of Canada. The museum has a close relationship or establishing cooperation with the University of Toronto. No wonder if the museum is under the control and management of the University of Toronto until 1968 before becoming an independent institution.

Some galleries are located at the Royal Ontario Museum of Canada, among which; Natural History Galleries are located on the 2nd floor which is exhibiting a collection and some types of bones, dinosaurs, bats, birds. Fossils and Evolution at the displays at the time of the dinosaurs until their extinction by displaying 400 species of objects from North America and South America. Earth and Space featuring more than 3,000 objects ranging from minerals, gems, rocks, meteorites ranging from 4.5 billion years ago until now. In addition there is the World Culture Galleries of culture from around the world who are on the first floor, the third and fourth.

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